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Learn The New Way!

Kids don’t like to learn the usual way!

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Kids don’t like to learn the usual way! In fact, the kids of today don’t enjoy the one-dimensional way of learning through books or even teachers. They want to interact and participate actively in the learning process. The more this process is closer to entertainment and a fun-filled time, the better it is for them. Keeping this need in mind, we have developed the Animated Surprise Eggs animations. Their purpose is simple: merge fun and education. We create these world-class animated videos for children and publish them online on YouTube. We realize that the elementary education content for kids must be prepared with a lot of care and sensitivity. We thrive to tick off these check boxes while designing the videos and songs for children like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Finger Family”, among others: reliable, rich and quality content. We take every pain to develop the videos on these pillars so that no kid is disturbed in any way when they watch them. We love it when kids match dance steps with the animation figures or sing along with them!

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Learning and education in this age and times is all about making it available across all platforms, cutting through the boundaries of schools and classrooms. That is why our nursery rhymes come in an assortment of color and regales kids in a completely fresh, new way. Our animation experts keep things simple and ensure that the kids are entertained thoroughly. We consider these videos to be successful when kids fall in love with these Animated Surprise Eggs animations and watch them over and over again!  With videos like “Kinder Surprise Egg Learn-A-Word!”, you will quickly be able to turn your home into a virtual play school! Songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or the “ABC Song” are the perfect Lullabies for your baby, toddler or child. To enable adults to feel that, at heart, it is still the same old rhymes and songs, we have not tampered with the traditional, classical tunes and words. What we have made is to put a spin on them and make them cool for the kids of 2015! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and find out what your kids have been missing all this while!